Satisfied customers for more than 15 years

Since its inception, Industries Renaud Gravel Inc. has always been committed to providing the best service to its customers. From welding and machining to the sale and repair of agroforestry equipment, we offer a complete range of services. The best reward for our team is the testimony of many satisfied customers: judge for yourself!

TESTIMONY OF THE OWNER OF A Tajfun RCA wood processor.

"It's been about 8 years, this is my ninth use of this machine. I make about 500 cords of wood a year, all by myself. It is a very safe, reliable machine. I would recommend it to anyone. When I bought this one, I did what everyone else did: I went to see the others, then I compared what we could have, and my choice fell on this one. If you buy something, if you need services, at Gravel Industries it's beyond all expectations! They're here to help you, to make it work, it's very interesting. I highly recommend them!"

- M. Beausoleil, Québec

Testimony of the owner of a Norwood Mobile Sawmills.

"Tajfun firewood processors are hard to beat!"

"I have owned the Tajfun RCA 400 wood processor for almost three years now, and I like the simplicity of the machine, the speed and the ease of use."

"It is easy to plug it in and set up to use it. You don't need a lot of space to move and install it. When I have good 12 to 15 inch diameter logs, I can make three strings in about 45 minutes. For a beautiful little machine, it's the best I've ever seen!"

- Charlie S., Ontario

Equipment that has a good reputation!

"My father had a Tajfun RCA 380, Charlie the RCA 400 and I chose the RCA 480, which has a higher capacity that suits my needs well. The exit conveyor is longer and can rotate, the ergonomic joystick eliminates stress and strain on the shoulder, and reduces fatigue. It is possible to adjust the blade height from a push button, this function also eliminates manual work.

Apart from a little grease, oil, a change of chain and belt from time to time, there is no other maintenance on the machine, and no parts break.

I have examined all firewood processors for more than a year, attended all exhibitions and demonstrations and found it difficult to get anything better than this unit."

- Tristan H., Ontario

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