Forestry winches

Mechanical and hydraulic forestry winches in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes

For the efficient and safe transportation of wood

Are you looking for increased pulling capacity and maneuverability suited to agroforestry work? Industries Renaud Gravel offers Gravel and Tajfun forestry winches, indispensable for your woodlot. Take advantage of mechanical or hydraulic forestry winches wherever you are in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes! Get the equipment that will meet your needs.

For big jobs

These winches are designed to reduce obstacles as you go. They allow you to reach your trees easily and get them out of the work area effortlessly and safely. In addition, their high hauling capacity and flexibility make them ideal tools for large jobs.

The indispensable tool for a woodland

 Reliable hydraulic or mechanical management

 Simple and safe cable assembly
 High quality welded steel structure, laser cut
 Short clutch stroke for mechanical winches - safer
 High economy and safety of use
 Large blade that anchors the winch to the ground
 Choice of size to fit a variety of tractors

Put your forestry winches to the test and increase your performance!

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