Forestry Equipment: 5 Advantages of a Wood Processor

Does your company operate in the agroforestry sector and is responsible for producing firewood, among other things? At Les Industries Renaud Gravel, we recommend the use of a wood processor to our customers in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes for several reasons. Read on to discover the many advantages of this machine!


Once the tree trunk is in place on the processor's feed belt, the person in charge of handling this user-friendly device sits in front of an ergonomic joystick that groups together all the possible functions.


The employee responsible for the processor shall not come into contact with the wood being handled or with the cutting tools (chainsaw and splitting blades). As soon as the wood enters the machine, it is retained by a hydraulic arm and is positioned under a protective cover which, if opened while the machine is running, interrupts the operation of the machine.


Versatile, the wood processor also acts as a splitter, as it transforms wood into logs and then cuts them according to the chosen gauge size (in 2, 4, 6, 8 or more pieces). Thus, the wood that enters the unit quickly comes out as logs. Because it is equipped with a tilting discharge belt, the processor also guides where the logs will fall, whether they are stacked on the ground or in specially designed bags (perfect for easy transportation!).


In addition to being efficient thanks to its multiple functions and requiring only one operator, the machine has an impressive cutting speed with an average of 4 to 5 cords per hour. Its output is fast, and the number of steps required to produce wood is significantly reduced. To optimize productivity, the processor can also be combined with a shredder, which will deposit the logs one by one on the machine's infeed belt.


With the wood processor, you no longer need to purchase a splitter to accomplish large quantities of work quickly. For businesses, it becomes a cost-effective and durable tool of choice for thousands of cords. With it, you save time and money!

Looking for a wood processor for the modern logger you are? Whether you are in Quebec, Ontario or the Maritimes, at Les Industries Renaud Gravel, we have the forestry equipment you need for your agroforestry work and you can count on our team of technicians for impeccable after-sales service. Contact us for more information!

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