Do You Operate Forestry Equipment? Make Your Safety the Priority!

Whether you own land to be cleared or work in agroforestry, and whether or not you have a lot of experience in the field, it's important that you put your safety and the safety of your employees first, even before you begin your activities. At Les Industries Renaud Gravel, manufacturer and distributor of forestry equipment in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, we know that having safe machines is not enough to eliminate the risk of accidents. Read on to learn how to minimize the potential hazards associated with forestry work!


No matter what equipment you use, whether it's a brushcutter, mulcher or forestry winch, for example, it's essential that you have effective personal protective equipment. This includes wearing a helmet, face shield or safety glasses, hearing protection (shells or earplugs), boots, pants and gloves. Be sure to choose products made with quality materials that are proven to be suitable for agroforestry. Note that the level of safety of pants and gloves can be measured by the number of layers of braided nylon.


At all times, you must handle your equipment with care. Always take the time to inspect your equipment, to check that the safety locks are in place and that the equipment itself is fixed and stable. Precautions are especially important when you need to maintain machines designed for cutting wood, such as a chipper or wood splitter.


A complete first aid kit is essential at all times so that you can be prepared for any eventuality. In addition, you should never operate alone, if only to have someone there to help you in an emergency. In a company, you need 1 first-aider for every 5 workers. In addition, the use of an airborne rescue service should be considered in isolated regions.


When you work in the agroforestry sector, both you and the company must comply with CNESST standards, as well as the Regulation respecting health and safety in forest management work.

Are you looking for high-performance and safe forestry equipment? At Les Industries Renaud Gravel, we have products for your small and large jobs (wood processor, forestry trailer, etc.) in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. Contact us today!

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