3 Pieces of Equipment for Efficient Wood Transport

Are you an entrepreneur working in the field of agroforestry and would like to simplify your harvest while increasing productivity? At Les Industries Renaud Gravel, we manufacture and repair forestry equipment (winches, loaders and wood trailers) in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. Here, we know how essential quality tools are for the efficiency of a company, no matter its size. In this article, discover 3 products that will allow you to transport your wood safely.


Remove trees from your working area with ease thanks to a powerful hydraulic or mechanical winch with a large pulling capacity, specially designed for large tasks in agroforestry. Available in a variety of sizes and attachable to the front or rear of a tractor, the winches are safe and feature a wide blade that anchors into the ground to ensure maximum stability. You can also use their structure to push, move and collect the woody stems. With the addition of a wireless remote control, you can operate the winch without having to return to your tractor (especially when repatriating trees on steep slopes), thus significantly increasing your productivity.


Once the trees have been felled and the trunks have been cleared of branches, these imposing materials must be transported to their destination, where they will then be processed according to your company's needs. The safest and most efficient way to accomplish this task is without a doubt to use a log loader. This machine, with its grapple, allows you to lift heavy woody stems to stack them in a trailer for easy transportation. With the winch option, you can drag the tree trunks on the ground to bring them closer to the loader, thus avoiding having to move the loader regularly during your work.


Attach thelogging trailer to the back of a tractor or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to be able to transport your wood to a safe destination, regardless of the distance to be covered. Fill it with about ten tree trunks, depending on their size, and drive over dirt, rocks, small and large branches without fear of losing your load, thanks to the equipment's precise suspension.

If you are looking for versatile, durable equipment that is specially designed for agroforestry work, Les Industries Renaud Gravel offers loaders, trailers and forestry winches that will meet your needs in terms of efficiency, safety and adaptability throughout Quebec. Contact us for more information!

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